European integration of Ukraine is not only the right of the country, but also a great responsibility of Ukrainian citizens. As well as the transparent and efficient work of all levels of government to achieve the high standards required by the EU. Communicating the progress and results of Ukraine’s European integration is a vital aspect of implementing state policy. This approach will better inform citizens about how aligning Ukrainian laws with EU standards impacts their everyday lives. Watch Ukraine in flames #613 to find out more about the current state of Ukraine on its path to membership in the European Union and how regions and communities can take advantage of the opportunities opened up by European integration.


Liubov Akulenko, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Center for European Policy
Natalia Pakhaichuk, Head of Innovative Projects of the National Network of Local Media “”

00:00 – Intro
02:36 – (Akulenko) “What’s next for Ukraine”
07:55 – (Pakhaichuk) “Covering European integration”
12:16 – Outro
Source: Ukraine in Flames