Yehor Brailian, PhD History, Analyst Detector Media
Glen Grant, Defence Expert, Baltic Security Foundation

In this episode of Ukraine in Flames we discuss Sunak’s visit to Ukraine on January 12, 2023, and what the newly signed Security Cooperation Agreement means for Ukraine’s future with experts Yehor Brailian, and Glen Grant. The experts delve into the pivotal moments, including the signing of the Security Cooperation Agreement – the inaugural bilateral accord within the Joint Declaration among the ‘Group of Seven’ countries. Explore Great Britain’s historical commitment to challenging situations, the leadership role in international support for Ukraine amidst perceived indifference from the US and Europe, and the anticipation of new military maritime cooperation, naval assets, and collaborative military production agreements aimed at deterring future hostilities. Take a watch of UIF #560 to find out more.

00:00 – Intro
01:57 – Grant – Three Reasons For Sunak’s Vvisit
04:06 – Grant – Sunak Asserts Pro-UK Agenda: Action Amidst Global Sluggishness
05:38 – Grant – Putin’s Ploy of Exploiting Global Disarray as a Tool to Portray the West as Adversaries No Longer Works
07:50 – Brailian- London is Leading International Support, As It Has Throughout This War
10:03 – Brailian- The UK’s Firm Stand Regarding Ukraine’s NATO Membership, This Agreement is for the Interim Period
11:40 – Brailian – Ukraine’s Anticipated Fleet Expansion with British Support and Collaborative Defense Initiatives
13:54 – Outro