Archil Tsintsadze, security policy expert.
Yuriy Lukanov, journalist, writer
Ihor Stokoz, expert on international politics

In this episode of Ukraine in Flames, we discuss the intricacies of aid provision to Ukraine amidst global stability concerns. The experts in this episode discuss the significance of stabilizing the front line through assistance packages, addressing delays in aid allocation, and the potential implications for Ukraine’s defense strategy. Watch UIF #610 to learn more about what the geopolitical landscape and its impact on Ukraine’s quest for peace and security.

00:00 – Intro
01:17 – Tsintsadze on the signs of setting the scenes for new aircraft
05:13 – Stokoz on US aid impact: Ukraine’s resilience, potential F-16 acquisition
08:41 -Lukanov on US Aid Impact and Global Stability
10:54 – Outro

Source: Ukraine in Flames