The Celebration of the Resurrection of Christ in times of war takes on special symbolism. It is during such times that the spiritual foundation of existence helps to survive and preserve universal moral qualities. It is not surprising that the celebration of the main holidays – Christmas and Easter – testified to the resilience of man in opposition to the totalitarian machine of destruction during Soviet times. Watch Ukraine in flames #607 to find out more about the celebration of Easter amidst war and the historical continuity between celebrations during the times of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and the modern Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Vasyl Stefaniv, Associate Professor of the History Department of Ukrainian Catholic University
Alina Ponypaliak, Researcher of the Ukrainian liberation movement, Scientist and Public Activist

00:00 – Intro
03:18 – (Stefaniv) “Celebrations of Ukrainian Insurgent Army”
09:12 – (Ponypaliak) “Historical and symbolic continuity”
12:13 – Outro

Source: Ukraine in Flames