Volodymyr Gorbach, Executive Director of the Project, Executive Director of the Institute for the Transformation of Northern Eurasia
Iryna Pavlenko, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Head of the Department of Political System Development, National Institute for Strategic Studies
Andrii Starodub, PhD in History

In this episode of Ukraine in Flames, Horbach, Pavlenko, and Starodub delve into the dynamics surrounding Russia’s identity, geopolitical future, and internal stability. Our experts introduce the notion of replacing the term “Russia” with the more neutral “Northern Eurasia,” highlighting the symbolic power and mythos attached to the concept of Russia, exploring the historical roots and evolution of Russia’s identity, emphasizing the consolidation of a new concept of a future Russian empire in response to past losses and imperial ambitions, and examining the influences of political Eurasianism and the “Russian world” ideology on contemporary Russian politics. Take a watch of UIF #595 to find out more about the multifaceted understanding of Russia’s geopolitical landscape and the complexities shaping its future trajectory.

00:00 – Intro
01:41 – Gorbach on the Symbolism of Northern Eurasia: Redefining Russia’s Image in Foreign Policy
05:31 – Pavlenko on the Evolution of Russia’s Identity and Political Ideologies
10:55 – Starodub on the Challenges of Predicting Russia’s Future and Evaluating Data Integrity
15:07 – Outro

Source: Ukraine in Flames