America’s Role in the World / Ukraine Survey

Razom Advocacy has released the results of a poll measuring Americans’ attitudes about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the role of the United States in the world, conducted by Change Research this past August. The survey was conducted online between August 10-17, polling 4,190 voters across the country.

The poll found that support for Ukraine among Americans endures, with a majority wanting the U.S. to continue to support Ukraine militarily, until the situation has stabilized and Russia leaves Ukrainian territory entirely. More broadly, the poll found that Americans strongly believe America should stand up for vulnerable, bullied people around the world whose freedom is at risk.


Americans strongly value freedom and believe that America should stand up for vulnerable people whose freedom is at risk. Large majorities agree that countries that bully others will do more damage if they aren’t stopped (83%), that everyone has the right to live in freedom and the U.S. should stand up for that right (83%), and that the U.S. should stand up for vulnerable people and their human rights whenever possible (81%).

Americans strongly value freedom

A majority of Americans want to see Ukraine victorious. 63% support American continuing military support for Ukraine in next year’s federal budget. The majority (59%) of Americans believe we should end financial military support to Ukraine only when the situation has become stable and Russia leaves all Ukrainian territory.
A majority of Americans want to see Ukraine victorious

Majorities of voters support American aid to Ukraine so far and are more likely to vote for a candidate who articulates this vision over someone opposed to American aid. When presented with information about the breadth of Ukraine’s achievements in the war, the agreement rate among respondents increases on the question of if American support for Ukraine has been worth it so far.

Americans have strong negative feelings about Putin and Russia. 68% recognize that Russia’s actions are genocidal. 63% agree that “we need to defeat (Putin) now.”

Americans have strong negative feelings about Putin and Russia

Less than 20% of Americans want Ukraine to settle the war now and cede territory to Russia. Voters also oppose setting arbitrary dates for withdrawal of American aid.

Most Americans’ support for Ukraine increases (across parties) when they hear that “winning” is the goal. Although the U.S. has not stated victory as the goal, Americans would prefer to see that the U.S. wants Ukraine to prevail against the invasion and not just to seek a stronger negotiating position.

Razom Advocacy is a branch of Razom for Ukraine committed to advancing policy for Ukrainian victory, and to nurturing community engagement across the United States and Ukraine. For more information or with questions, email This survey is part of a larger research project into public opinion on Russia’s War in Ukraine funded by the Open Society Foundation.

Source: Razom