How has the Russian invasion redefined security and geopolitics in the Black Sea region?

— Experts discuss how the Russo-Ukrainian war has changed regional security dynamics in the Black Sea.

The Kremlin’s strategic goal to control Ukrainian coastline has brought renewed interest to the Black Sea region. While Ukraine has had considerable success in this area, it remains fiercely contested, with disruptions such as floating naval mines affecting the global shipping and trade routes.

The aim of this event is to examine how the Russian invasion of Ukraine has redefined the security landscape of the Black Sea region. It will discuss the impact of the war on main stakeholders in the region and address the following questions:

Key questions:

  • How has the Russo-Ukrainian war changed regional security dynamics in the Black Sea?
  • How important is the Black Sea to the overall course of the war?
  • What are security and geopolitical impacts of this war in the Black Sea beyond Russia and Ukraine?
  • How are major regional powers repositioning themselves in the new regional setting?
  • What should a winning EU and NATO strategy for the Black Sea look like?
  • Will the Black Sea decline in importance, the longer the war continues?

Source: Chatam House