Both in war and peace, Ukraine will be a test of determination, unity, and even industrial potential for the West. There is an opinion that the center of gravity of NATO is shifting from France and Germany to the east and north. European defense is increasingly being rethought in Poland, the Scandinavian countries, and Ukraine. Post-Brexit Britain has also shown that it can still be at the forefront of Europe in terms of defense and security. Watch Ukraine in Flames #620 to find out about Ukraine’s role in the new global order. Is it at the center of world events, or does it remain on the periphery of global alliances and decision-making?

The invited experts were speakers at Book Arsenal 2024 in Kyiv, and the panel was held in collaboration with UCMC and UkraineWorld.


Botakoz Kassymbekova, Assistant Professor in Modern History at University of Basel
Volodymyr Yermolenko, Philosopher, President of PEN Ukraine
Bruno Maçães, Portuguese Philosopher, Journalist, Politician

00:00 – Intro
02:25 – (Kassymbekova) “Ukraine is the center of resistance”
07:12 – (Yermolenko) “Confrontation between different value systems”
10:35 – (Maçães) “Where future is decided”
12:25 – Outro
Source: Ukraine in Flames