Timothy Ash has been arguing for more than 18 months that the $300 billion plus of Russia central bank monies “immobilised” in Western jurisdictions should be formally frozen, seized and allocated to Ukraine both to compensate it for the immense damage done by Russia to Ukraine but also to give it a chance of being able to fund the war, to secure victory, and subsequent peace and reconstruction. For much of this time it has appeared as if we have been banging our heads against a brick wall, but something seems to have changed in recent weeks months, as a number of G7 countries (the UK, the US and Canada, in particular) appear to have changed their positions and are now arguing in support of seizing the assets and allocating them to Ukraine.

Timothy Ash, who has been professional economist for more than 30 years, with two thirds of that in the banking industry. Timothy’s specialism is emerging European economics, and he writes and blogs extensively on economic challenges for leading publications such as the Kyiv Post, Atlantic Council, the Financial Times, and the United Business Journal. He is also an Associate Fellow in the Russia and Eurasia programme at Chatham House and has advised various governments on Ukraine-Russia policy and specifically on the impact of sanctions.

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