Dear President von der Leyen,

Ukrainian civil society and advocates for Ukraine’s victory would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your personal leadership in standing by Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression. We assure you of our continued support for your dynamic leadership in the European Union.

Your unwavering commitment to European values and solidarity has been evident in your robust response to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. We deeply appreciate your courageous visit to Ukraine on 8 April 2022, where you were among the first leaders to witness Russia’s genocidal actions in Bucha and Irpin. This visit was followed by strong, decisive actions, including the implementation of sanctions against the aggressor and the establishment of justice mechanisms to ensure accountability for the Russian terrorist regime.

We also appreciate your personal belief in Ukraine’s future in the European Union. The truly historic decision on 23 June 2022 to grant candidate status to Ukraine was a testament to your advocacy for Ukraine’s integration into the European Union, as well as your ability to build a unified Union voice during a time of significant geopolitical turbulence.

We acknowledge that the European Commission has put significant effort into securing the launch of the EU donor platform to facilitate Ukraine’s recovery and mobilize international assistance for reconstruction efforts, including the confiscation of Russian assets, as well as the establishment of a new dedicated financial instrument—the Ukraine Facility.

This year presents further challenges for us. Russia and its authoritarian allies are uniting their forces. Europe and Ukraine need decisive leadership more than ever before. In the months to come, it will be our common task to bring victory closer to Ukraine, strengthen cooperation in defence, sanctions, and economic measures against the aggressor, and support Ukraine on its accession path.

Your exemplary leadership and steadfast dedication to the values that underpin the European Union have resonated deeply with the aspirations of the Ukrainian people. We firmly believe that your continued leadership in the European Union will be beneficial not only for the EU but also for Ukraine and the broader international community striving for peace and democracy.

We, as an expert community supporting Ukrainian victory, will continue to contribute to this shared agenda and looking forward to our collaboration under your visionary leadership in the EU.


Olena Halushka, International Centre for Ukrainian Victory

Olga Aivazovska, Civil Network OPORA

Daria Kaleniuk, Anticorruption Action Centre

Hanna Hopko, ANTS Network

Oleksandra Matviichuk, Center for Civil Liberties

Kateryna Butko, All Ukrainian Association “Automaidan”

Olha Reshetylova, Media Initiative for Human Rights

Victoria Voytsitska, “National Education Association” NGO

Mykhailo Zhernakov, DEJURE Foundation

Alyona Getmanchuk, New Europe Center

Oleksiy Martsenyuk, Centre for Defence Strategies

Mykhailo Gonchar, CGS Strategy XXI

Mariya Heletiy, NGO Resource Center

Dmyto Vasylenko, NGO “Communities Army of Ukraine“

Olena Ivashchenko, Campaign for Ukraine

Oksana Vyhovska, Deutsch-Ukrainische Gesellschaft Freiburg e.V.

Martin Ziemann, Fellas for Europe e.V.

Artem Nedostup, Ukrainian Action in Ireland

Gennadiy Zelinskyy, Opora e.V.

Roman Prysiazhniuk, Ukrainische Schule Berlin e.V.

Olga Dudko, de.Perspektive e.V.

Iryna Fomenko, NGO „Ukrainian Professional Development„

Olena Pylaieva, PlusUkrDe

Igor Chocholak, Association of Ukrainians in Belgium

Bohdan Rajcinec, European Congress of Ukrainians

Svitlana Rodionova, “Slava ZSU” in Belgium

Natalia Melnyk, Ukrainian Civil Society Hub

Valentyna Kolodiy, Lelekaodv

Source: The Ukrainian Victory