ALDE Party Extraordinary Congress Brussels 2024

Recalls that:

  • Ukraine and its people have shown unwavering determination in resisting Russia’s war of aggression and are fighting for the freedom, security and common values of all Europeans, and it is our duty to support them as long as it takes;
  • The European Parliament’s resolution on 29 February 2024 urging EU and NATO allies to support Ukraine militarily with no less than 0.25% of their GDP annually to counter Russian aggression;
    Ukraine must win and Russia must lose the war.

Acknowledges that:

  • Ukraine’s security is integral to European and global security and Europe needs an effective defence architecture;
  • European countries continue to take considerable steps to deliver the arms and ammunition that Ukraine needs, however, they have not yet reached the needed targets;
  • Belgium’s decision to utilise profits from frozen Russian assets for Ukraine exemplifies a collective commitment to its cause and the importance of creating a framework.

Calls on:

  • The EU and Member States to increase military support to Ukraine, including the provision of fighter jets like the JAS 39 Gripen, long-range missiles, ammunition and modern combat aircrafts;
  • ALDE and its members to work towards establishing a stable and predictable financing solution for Ukraine, in alignment with the abovementioned EP resolution;
  • European governments and the EU to include Ukraine into Europe’s defence framework, in particular for military co-production, repairing and logistical chains as well as to divert all critical materials, in particular nitrocellulose to be used in NATO countries and Ukraine;
  • European governments and the EU to immediately develop a process and framework for seizing all Russian frozen assets and to redirect them to Ukraine, its reconstruction, and to enforce the aggressor’s duty to provide compensation in particular to the victims of sexual violence and forcibly deported kids.

Source: Alde