Hundreds of billions of dollars in Russian state assets, frozen in the West after the full-scale invasion began, could potentially aid Ukraine. These efforts received a new boost from the United States after the Biden administration proposed to approve a strategy to transfer these assets to Ukraine. The urgency of the confiscation issue was added by delays in approving large aid packages for Ukraine, which forced Ukraine’s allies to look more closely at other sources of support for Ukraine. Watch Ukraine in flames #561 to find out about the feasibility of transferring confiscated Russian assets to Ukraine, exploring the methods, risks, and challenges tied to this political decision.


Serhiy Budkin, Founding Partner of FinPoint Investment Advisors
Yaroslav Sydorovych, European Cooperation Agency
Ihor Stokoz, Public Activist

00:00 – Intro
02:01 – (Budkin) “Frozen Russian assets dilemma”
07:17 – (Sydorovych) “Actively ensuring justice”
10:26 – (Stokoz) “Ways to transfer assets to Ukraine”
13:34 – Outro