Rumena Filipova, Ph.D., Chairperson and Co-Founder at Institute for Global Analytics
Igor Fedyk Head of the South Eastern Europe Section at the New Geopolical Network

In this episode of Ukraine in Flames, we talk about how Bulgaria’s political and information spheres have been rather successfully penetrated by Russian propaganda and the Kremlin’s hybrid warfare efforts. Our guest experts explain how Bulgaria is actually at the forefront of Russia’s information warfare, and how the country’s historical, cultural, and economic connections make it challenging to eradicate Russia’s influence. They also bring up far-right parties like Revival, which propagate narratives supportive of Russia and feed Bulgarians’ fear that their country would be the target of Russia’s next war. Watch UIF #621 to learn more about what is currently being done to improve cooperation with Ukraine in this arena and what needs to be done next.

00:00 – Intro
03:39 – Filipova Examines Revival: Unraveling the Bulgarian Far Right’s Anti-EU, NATO Agenda and Anti-Ukrainian Messaging
07:02 – Fedyk on Bulgaria’s Vital Support: The Secret Savior of Ukraine and How Russia Penetrates the Bulgarian Information Space
14:03 – Outro

Source: Ukraine in Flames