The “anti-Western front” is forming, and we are divided & apathetic – what did I miss in my list? 🧵

Parts of the far right and the far left, as well as religious extremists, are united in favor of Anti-Western ideas & regimes like Iran and Russia. This means our societies are penetrated with a variety of propaganda narratives, depending on the target audience…
2)Tale of the “Global South” that “sees things differently” is a tool used by authoritarians to gain more influence in the West. It favors Russia’s position towards Ukraine & China’s influence
It has nothing to do with the people of the Global South, it’s only about the regimes
3)Same goes for the so-called “Multilateral World Order.” This term is used by individuals who question the “Western dominated” or “US dominated” world order. A fair world order is not a bad thing, of course, but in this case, it means more power to the growing BRICS+ community
4) The way we question our society is the strength of our democracies, but it has gone completely out of proportion.:

Many people living in today’s democracies have never faced the reality of a dictatorship. On university campuses, you can hear “the West is the root of all evil
5) While freedom of speech and the press are undeniably among our greatest strengths, we must recognize that adversaries exploit these freedoms by placing their propagandists in our talk shows or even our universities.
6) We lack allies: China, Iran, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Belarus—they already cooperate closely. Countries like South Africa, India and Brazil pretend to be ‘neutral,’ but their neutrality as ‘BRICS’ partners is also questionable and serves aggressors like Russia
7) We refuse to face reality. A vast alliance of anti-democratic, anti-Western nations is forming, cooperating to destabilize and divide our societies by spreading their propaganda narratives. Many people are eager to reproduce and spread these ideas, due to various reasons
8) We underestimate how determined the enemies of the Western Liberal World order are and how obsessively they pursue their goal to beat the West. We make the mistake of applying our rational standards to dictators; they don’t need a common ideology. Anti-Americanism is enough..